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Client Stories

Most of our *clients prefer to be anonymous when they call. Sometimes it is women who want to talk when they find they are pregnant and it wasn’t planned. Sometimes the male partner wants to know more about abortion.

*No names or identifying information are used here to protect the privacy of our clients. These stories are about real people who called Pregnancy Counselling Services.

pink womanThirty-seven years ago I had an abortion. I never told anybody except my partner. Later we married and had some children. I was terribly upset when I called. The counsellor listened to me and made suggestions of things I could do to move forward. I was feeling much better by the time we finished the conversation.

blue manMy partner became pregnant and she decided she wanted an abortion. I was not in favour of that, but I wanted to know how I could support her, and cope with my emotional concerns. I met with counsellors a couple of times to get perspective and understanding. I really appreciated their freely-given help.

pink womanI fainted at work and then found out I was 14 weeks pregnant. My husband and I had planned an overseas trip and we were unsure what we should do. Having a family at this time was not on our radar. After we met with counsellors we decided that we could cope, and go ahead with our holiday, and prepare to become parents.

blue manWhen my girlfriend announced she was pregnant I was furious. We couldn’t have a child! She needed an abortion. I called Pregnancy Counselling Services and told them my story. The counsellor listened to my concerns but when she told me there could be emotional repercussions, it helped me to see something I might have missed.

pink womanLate one night I was feeling very down so I phoned Pregnancy Counselling asking about an abortion. My partner had left me and my one-year-old baby just like my parents had split up. It was so good to have someone I could talk to who would listen to my concerns without judging me. I felt a lot better when we concluded the call.

blue manAlthough I am a nurse I called Pregnancy Counselling to talk about a medical abortion. My sister who lives overseas had called me in a panic because her period was 2 days late. We discussed how she should have a pregnancy test to establish if she was pregnant. When I mentioned that she was 49 years old the possibility of menopause was raised. I hadn’t thought of that!

pink womanMy family thought I had an abortion but I couldn’t go through with it. Now I am 20 weeks pregnant and I am scared to tell them. I already have a 2-year-old and I know I can’t cope with another child on my own. Pregnancy Counsellors helped me find accommodation and gave me information about adoption.

blue manWhen my girlfriend became pregnant I called Pregnancy Counselling Services using Skype as we were living in Europe at the time. I wanted to find out about early medical abortions and what was involved. It was great to talk to someone in our home country who could help with information.

pink womanI was 7 weeks pregnant when I called Pregnancy Counselling Services. I was unsure what I wanted to do. We talked about termination and what that involved. The counsellor presented different options to me and none of them seemed easy. It was helpful to have someone to talk with.

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