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About Us

What is Pregnancy Counselling Services?

PCS is registered with the Charities Commission as a non-profit, non-religious and non-political organization, CC29761.

PCS provides free counselling and other support to anyone involved in a worrying pregnancy. It also offers face to face counselling when this is practicable and desired by the client. The counsellors operate according to the Privacy Act, protecting the confidentiality of clients.

PCS was founded in Auckland in 1980 and registered as a charitable trust in 1984. The advisory board includes professionals in the fields of psychology, medicine and law.

All counsellors are volunteers who have been carefully selected and trained before going on the phones. Some administrative work is carried out by paid staff.

PCS has 12 branches throughout New Zealand, from Whangarei to Dunedin and contact people in several other centres.

What are the aims of PCS?

  • To help women make fully informed choices about their pregnancies.
  • To enable any woman distressed about a pregnancy, and those involved with her, to cope better with the pregnancy and the birth of her child.
  • To provide recovery counselling for women or men suffering distress after an abortion.

How do people get in touch with PCS?

PCS runs a 24-hour, 7-day telephone service. Clients have the choice of a national free call 0800 line, email, text or a series of local calling numbers. Click here for Contact Us page.

What style of counselling does PCS use?

PCS counsellors are trained in the use of Reality Counselling, in which the realities of the client's situation are explored. These are seen as:

  • The reality of any difficulties she faces regarding health, relationships, education, work, finance, etc
  • The reality of the child she carries, his gestation, his potential
  • The reality of her choices, (including parenting, abortion, closed or open adoption, whangai or shared guardianship) and the possible consequences of these choices
  • The reality of support systems upon which she can draw, issuing from partner, family, community, PCS or her faith
  • The reality of her personal values, goals and religious beliefs.

The counsellor endeavours to clarify the client's individual issues, possible solutions and the steps she could take to resolve any dilemmas.

What practical help does PCS offer?

PCS will endeavour to help the client with any need she may have, such as suitable accommodation, government support, medical or legal advice, continuing education, baby clothes or equipment. Click here for our Support in Pregnancy page.

Does PCS help with adoptions?

Yes, PCS provides initial information and counselling then refers the client to the Adoption Information and Services Unit of CYF (Child Youth & Family) in facilitating adoptions. We can provide support for either the birth family or adoptive couple throughout and after an adoption.

How can you help PCS?

You can join the group of financial supporters who contribute to our six monthly appeals or make a bequest in your will. Please contact the National Administration Office (07 838 3076) or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Or if you would like to make a one off donation, please go to our page on the Givealittle website.

You can also donate goods or services which would be useful to pregnant women and their families. Look for a local branch on our Contact Us page.

If you are interested in becoming a voluntary counsellor, or using your skills to help us in some other way, contact your nearest branch or the national office. Click here for Contact Us page.

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