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Support in pregnancy

Is pregnancy a difficult time for you?

Do you need someone to talk to, give you information or arrange some practical help?

Some of the things PCS may be able to provide for you:

Emotional support

  • Be a sounding board for things you need to talk about
  • Provide emotional support throughout your pregnancy if you’re feeling very much alone
  • Help you to talk to your partner, husband or parents if that is hard for you


  • About medical help – pregnancy tests, midwives, doctors, childbirth education
  • Tips for coping with morning sickness
  • Where to go for budgeting, food parcels or financial help from the government
  • How you can continue your education through pregnancy and beyond

Practical help

  • Transport to medical appointments
  • Help in finding suitable and affordable accommodation
  • Searching for cheap baby clothes and equipment
  • Finding some home help or childcare if you are very sick during pregnancy


If you have needs that require specialised help we will try to refer you to the right people, for instance for relationship counselling, budgeting or emergency accommodation.

Is adoption something you’d like to know more about? See our Adoption page.

Are you thinking of having an abortion? See our Considering Abortion page.

Feel free to call us at 0800 PREGNANT (0800 773 462) or for email, text, local numbers or mailing address see Contact page

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