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Men's Page

Men can have issues around pregnancy, abortion, adoption and their partner's decisions.

During pregnancy:

Are you finding it frustrating that you can’t make the final decision about this pregnancy – only your partner can? Do you want her to keep the baby but she wants a termination; or do you want her to terminate but she wants to carry on with the pregnancy?

Do you want more information about abortions, time frames, costs, risks, after effects?

Do you want to know what help is available if you have no family support, or your budget is fully stretched, or you need a place to stay?

Are you separating from your girlfriend and you have concerns about custody or access to this child, or support payments, once it is born?

You are very welcome to call us and talk about your perspective, concerns and questions.

After a termination

Are you still angry or frustrated at the choice your partner or wife made?

Are you noticing reactions in her, such as withdrawal, grief or anger?

Are you grieving yourself and didn’t expect this?

Phone us to talk it through We can help you understand yourself and your partner better. We may have a male counsellor available for you to talk to.

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