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Help after Termination

Recovery after abortion

Abortion can be a very painful experience, especially if you felt pressured into it, had mixed feelings about it or received little counselling and support at the time.

Someone safe to talk to

Afterwards it can be hard to discuss it with others for fear of them judging, embarrassing or rejecting you. You need to talk to someone who understands, listens, and doesn't condemn.
Someone who keeps it confidential.

You may be finding that thoughts about the abortion disrupt your concentration by day or nightmares disturb your sleep at night.
You may be drinking more heavily than you used to, trying to forget.

Perhaps feelings of sorrow, anger or anxiety well up when you least expect them. Your relationship with your husband, partner or children may have been badly affected by all this.

We can help

We have counsellors who are specially trained to help you work through grief, anger, guilt and other issues so that you are able to function normally again. We can meet with you somewhere to talk in private, where you can express your pain and turmoil, come to understand yourself better and recover from what may have been a traumatic experience. This service is completely free.

Call Pregnancy Counselling Services, 0800 773 462 (0800 PREGNANT), any time of the day or night, to talk to someone about a past abortion that is troubling you or someone close to you.

You may also want to look at the P.A.T.H.S. website for further information.

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